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Are You Looking For Top British International Primary Schools In Hong Kong?

With so many outstanding international schools in Hong Kong, it’s certainly not an easy process to narrow down your choices. Factors to consider include the quality of the education style the school provides, the curriculum setting, the academic environment the school builds up, etc.

So which are the Top/best international primary schools in Hong Kong?

Normally, those traditional schools with very long history are perceived as prestigious schools, which possess better reputation and higher academic achievement. At the same time, you definitely want your children to just live a happy simple life and don’t need to spend 9 lessons a day, most of which involve tests. Well, I think Wycombe Abbey is the answer.

Today we’re here to help make the process easy by introducing you one of the best international schools in Hong Kong, Wycombe Abbey.

As a well known traditional school, Wycombe Abbey was founded more than 100 years ago and it has now become the leading independent boarding school in the UK, ranked number one for academic results at A level in 2018.

Approximately one third of Wycombe Abbey’s graduates receive offers of places at Oxford and Cambridge each year, with others going on to Russell Group universities in the UK and top universities in the USA such as Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Princeton and Stanford.

School Ranking

School NameLocationA-Level
1Wycombe Abbey SchoolHigh Wycombe85.7
2Westminster SchoolLondon85.4
3Brighton CollegeBrighton85.1
4Winchester CollegeWinchester84.2
5Sevenoaks SchoolSevenoaks82.9
6Queen Ethelburga’s CollegeYork82.5
7St Paul’s SchoolLondon81.4
8Eton CollegeWindsor80.7
9The Faculty of Queen Ethelburga’sYork80.2
10Concord CollegeShrewsbury79.9

(Source from UKUNI: https://www.ukuni.net/articles/top-uk-100-boarding-schools-levels-results)

Wycombe Abbey (Co-ed) School has now opened in Hong Kong to offer a quintessentially British Independent education for primary aged children. The school provides a proven holistic education which is complimented by an exceptional Chinese language curriculum. This dynamic combination prepares our pupils to excel in the finest secondary schools around the world.

Now let’s learn about why Wycombe Abbey School can become one of the top international primary schools in Hong Kong.

British National Curriculum

At Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong we offer our pupils an enriched, British based education, complimented by an outstanding Chinese program.

Wycombe Abbey is offering high-quality, British style education. Our curriculum is drawn from the British National Curriculum in all subjects except Chinese language, based on the well-established heritage and academic excellence of Wycombe Abbey School in England.

The National Curriculum of England and Wales, Key Stages 1&2 is internationally recognised as an outstanding primary age curriculum since all attitudes, dispositions and habits formed at this stage will have a profound effect on children’s future approach to learning. Wycombe Abbey take it very seriously indeed.

This curriculum provides a solid foundation on which older pupils enter the British GCSE and A-Level programme. It is the case that the British National Curriculum is very detailed in its target outcomes for core subjects such as English, Mathematics, General Science and content subjects such as History and Geography.

For the second-tier subjects such as Religious Education and Ethics, Music, Drama, Physical education STEM, (STEAM), ICT and PSHE, the National Curriculum has less to say in terms of definitive outcomes.

As the Founding Headmaster, Howard Tuckett’s first job in constructing the curriculum for Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong, was to source vibrant and engaging curricula that provided more detail in these other subjects. We researched curricula from other great educational nations such as Republic of Ireland and Scandinavia. From this international research we were able to provide a fully detailed Primary curriculum for our pupils.

Once we had constructed our curriculum, we then compared it against the Hong Kong EDB (Education Bureau) Primary Curriculum, which is another valid and rigorous national curriculum. Where necessary and applicable we adjusted our curriculum to make it culturally relevant to children who live in Hong Kong.

Chinese language program

Wycombe Abbey seems to more embrace the Chinese culture, a HK international school seeking to combine the best of East and West.

We offer a rigorous Chinese language program, accompanied by strong Chinese cultural immersion. Our curriculum reflects the cultural, linguistic, geographical and historical significance of Hong Kong, China and the wider region. We aim to ensure that our pupils have a firm grounding in the Chinese language and culture, while developing total fluency in English and accessing a curriculum which is built around the core components of the internationally renowned National Curriculum for England.

At Wycombe Abbey School, Chinese is taught as a discrete subject. There are 7 lessons per week. The amount of time is offered the same as maths and English. Chinese is taught in Mandarin. Students learn the simplified characters and pinyin systematically. Traditional characters are accepted. When those who learned traditional characters previously make a mistake in writing, teachers will provide both simplified and traditional formats when correcting them.

The Chinese curriculum is differentiated to cater for both native speakers and non-native speakers. The native speaker curriculum is adopted from the national curriculum in mainland China while the non-native speaker curriculum is based on Supplementary Guide to the Chinese Language Curriculum for Non-Chinese Speaking Students from The Curriculum Development Council HK and IB PYP Language Scope and Sequence.

All the teaching materials are carefully selected by the Chinese department. The home reading resources are from mainland China Singapore and Hong Kong. Teachers invite those students who need more support for extra Chinese lessons after school during ECA time.

Just like other top international schools in Hong Kong do, our school acknowledges the importance of cultural education. Both native and non-native speaker groups are required to learn ancient Chinese poems. They are expected to be able to understand the poets’ inspiration including the historical/social background, and then translate the poems into modern Chinse or English. In the meantime, the ancient prose is taught to broaden students’ knowledge as well as to raise the language ability to a new level.

We also learn about culture through celebrating important festivals, learning about traditions and traditional food and so on.

To better carry out the Chinese lesson, we encourage students to use the Chinese language in the school wide productions such as Christmas production. Students can celebrate their Chinese learning at weekly assemblies.

Holistic Education

Our enriched curriculum prepares our children for entry to the best secondary schools in Hong Kong and around the world.

It is believed that broad subjects setting can be an important factor for becoming the top international schools in Hong Kong. At Wycombe Abbey we also emphasize our commitment to a broad education including 14 Primary Subjects and learning outside of conventional classroom settings – Drama, Music, Art, Science, Physical Education, iSTEAM and a wide range of carefully selected extracurricular enrichment activities to widen our pupils’ curiosity and interests.

At Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong we are committed to teaching the ‘Whole Child’. This concept is sometimes also known as ‘Holistic Education’, a concept has been adopted by many other top primary schools in Hong Kong. In simple terms these phrases relate to our commitment to preparing children fully; academically, mentally, socially, physically and in terms of their internal ‘Wellbeing’ and resilience.

Our curriculum subjects and our extra-curricular activities are simply the tools we use to support our primary aged children to grow and develop in so many ways.

We need to remember that the primary aged years are a stage of life at which children will make massive development boosts in all areas. During these years it is our responsibility to provide our pupils a framework against which these many aspects of their development be maximized.

Primary schools exist to prepare children for secondary school and beyond. At Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong, by offering the breadth of daily subjects and experiences that we do, that are taught in such varied and stimulating ways, we are aiming to prepare our pupils in the very best way we can for their onward careers.

We hold to a schedule of aspirational attributes for each of our pupils. Everything we teach and offer for our pupils is done with the aim to assist our pupils to achieve each of these attributes as they work their way through the Key Stages of our school.

Immersive academic environment

Our proven teaching methods enable each individual child to achieve their academic potential via an immersive learning environment that educates the whole child.

Our teaching methods, experience and heritage enable us to offer an education for each individual pupil that balances academic rigor with an integrated focus on mental and physical well-being. Providing our pupils with an immersive academic environment encouraging critical thinking through project-based applications, we work on the belief that well-balanced and confident pupils prove to be the most successful.

As part of our holistic educational philosophy at Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong, we are committed to the concept that learning a fact or a skill is just the beginning of a pupil’s education process. We assess the success of our learning against stated ‘outcomes’. These outcomes are the interactive skills that a pupil can demonstrate to evidence that they have fully internalized a fact, a skill, or a concept. A lot of our outcomes are based on socially collaborative creativity and problem solving.

More staid and traditional education models simply require pupils to learn and retain facts. We challenge our pupils to explore and utilize each item of new learning and to debate, apply and problem-solve with it. In order to fully exercise all the varied skills that our curriculum requires, our students will by necessity have a very varied and busy day.

We ensure that each child’s learning schedule fully immerses them in a vibrant programme of pupil centred learning, whereby our pupils evidence the learned outcomes in the skills they can apply to collaborative problem-solving activities in all subjects and activities.

International School Hong Kong

Hong Kong International School is a leading private co-educational college preparatory school for students from Reception One (pre-kindergarten) to Grade 12.

Since 1966, HKIS has provided an American-style education grounded in the Christian faith. The school encourage student achievement in an inspiring environment, and their programs reflect the rich multi-cultural and international character of their student body. HKIS are committed to delivering exceptional teaching, and continually evolve our programs and facilities to enhance their student experience.

HKIS offers a warm and inclusive learning environment for over 2,800 students of 40 nationalities and diverse religious backgrounds.

Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong

Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong is an international school combining preschool, primary and secondary school with a reputation for providing a first-rate education to children of over 40 nationalities. Explore their curriculum, meet the principal and see what parents and students have to say about one of the best private preschool, elementary and secondary schools in Hong Kong.

Nord Anglia International school teach the most respected and robust educational programmes available, delivered in some of the best facilities in all of Hong Kong. Working with children from ages three to eighteen, students there will be taught the IGCSE and IB Programme by the finest teachers in the country. To help them bring the best out of these programmes, Nord Anglia International school have state of the art science labs and outstanding sports facilities.

German Swiss International School

GSIS is a multi-language school operating two parallel streams and teaching two curriculums, from Kindergarten to Secondary School and prepares for the German International Abitur (GIA) and the International Baccalaureate (IB), following IGCSE examinations in Year 11.

They approach learning and teaching in the spirit of the GIA and the IB, whilst appreciating that academic learning is important in both streams but not the only measure of success. GSIS offer rigorous academic study alongside a commitment to pastoral care to prepare their students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century with a realistic understanding of the world around them.

Australian International School Hong Kong

Undeniably Australian in culture and feel, AISHK is also a truly international community, catering to 1,100 students from over 25 different nationalities. Founded in 1995, AISHK is a non-profit, co-educational day school for students from Reception (4 years of age) to Year 12.

Operating on an Australian school year (late January to mid-December), AISHK is the only school in Hong Kong to utilise the Australian curriculum, with the option for senior students to undertake either the New South Wales Higher School Certificate (NSW HSC) or the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP).

Offering both an Australian and international curriculum, AISHK allows students to easily transition to and from Australia and around the world as confident and global minded young people.

With outstanding results achieved by students in both HSC and IBDP, the school is also highly dedicated to providing a learning environment which truly balances academic excellence and student wellbeing.

Singapore International School (Hong Kong)

Singapore International School (Hong Kong) [SISHK] was established in 1991 offering only preparatory years and primary education. With the strong support of Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE), SISHK today offer a Singapore-styled, through-train education programme from preparatory years to pre-university levels.

To prepare students for the challenges of an ever-changing world, the student-centric of SISHK, values-driven holistic education aims to help their students harness the joy of learning, strengthen students’ character and active citizenry, nurture an entrepreneurial dare and develop their skills and abilities for innovation and future learning.

Everything we SISHK revolves around their school values of respect, responsibility, resilience, integrity, care and harmony.

Harrow International School Hong Kong

Located in a magnificent crescent-shaped building with custom-built facilities near the Gold Coast, Tuen Mun, the School integrates elements of educational philosophy, practice and traditions from Harrow School in England into the diverse international community of Hong Kong to provide a highly distinctive education.

Harrow Hong Kong is an all through day school for pupils between K1 (3 years) to Year 13 (18 years). Boarding begins from Year 6 in the Prep School on a weekly basis from Sunday evening to Friday evening. Just under 50% of pupils in the Upper School board, but all Day pupils are members of a House. There are currently three boys’ and three girls’ Prep Houses (Year 6 to Year 8), and four boys’ and four girls’ Senior Houses (Year 9 to Year 13).

Canadian International School Hong Kong

CDNIS has been a leader in international education since its inception 29 years ago and is now widely recognized as one of the world’s most innovative and cutting-edge institutions. Their future-ready programmes promote academic excellence, the development of character, and strong engagement both locally and globally.

Canadian international school are fully committed to the integration of Chinese language and culture with the Ontario curriculum and International Baccalaureate programmes, and are the only school outside of Canada where students graduate with both the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and the IB Diploma.

Post-secondary institutions around the world recognise these two distinct diplomas for their rigorous assessment, and CDNIS are proud that their students graduate with both.

Along with the focus on academics, CDNIS places a high degree of importance on the development of the whole child, which is supported by an exceptionally rich extra-curricular programme. Students are encouraged to maintain a balance between academics and extra-curricular opportunities, preparing  them to thrive at the top post-secondary institutions they are admitted to around the world.

International College Hong Kong

A dynamic IB World School set across two campuses in the beautiful New Territories. The school celebrates high academic results, has a strong community ethos and provides a supportive environment where students of all nationalities can thrive.

Use the images below to explore our Kindergarten, Primary & Secondary learning areas.

American International School Hong Kong

American School Hong Kong (ASHK) is a non-profit, college preparatory international school in Hong Kong offering a holistic American education taught by qualified North American teachers who inspire, motivate and challenge students to achieve excellence.

Fully accredited for grades KG-G8 by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges (MSA), two leading accrediting commissions for Schools in the United States.

ASHK is operated by Esol Education, the world’s largest operator of international American schools, with 40 years of experience in establishing and operating high standard International schools worldwide. Currently, 11,000 students attend Esol’s nine schools across three continents.

Graduates at Esol Schools are now attending leading universities worldwide, including Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Yale University, Columbia University, University of Toronto, and the London School of Economics

French International School Hong Kong

French International School is a French international school in Hong Kong. It is the only accredited French school in Hong. It has over 2,500 students in four different campuses. Since September 2014, FIS expanded its operations to a new campus in Hung Hom. In September 2018, the FIS opened its new campus in Tseung Kwan O.

FIS offers two Streams, the French and the International streams. The French stream follows the French National Education curriculum which leads to the “diplôme national du brevet” and the French “Baccalauréat”. The “Option Internationale du Baccalauréat” (OIB) offers advanced level studies in English.

The International stream is based on the British curriculum and leads to IGCSE (University of Cambridge International Examinations) in Form 5 and the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Form 6. FIS was the first international school in Hong Kong to offer an International Baccalaureate program in 1988.

Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong

Shrewsbury provide a unique range of experiences for children aged between 3 and 11 and offer an unrivalled commitment to specialist provision within a broad and fulfilling curriculum that promotes interconnection, independence and high attainment.

Drawing upon over 450 years of experience, families benefit from a unique blend of traditional educational values and innovative teaching methodology.

Shrewsbury’s aspirational international community nurtures the strengths and ambitions of every student within a world-class facility offering direct access to an incredible range of opportunity, ensuring that every child thrives both within and beyond their school years. They are equally committed to ensuring that children are safe, empowered, trusted and respected.

Chinese International School Hong Kong

As Chinese international school’s song says in two languages, “We come from the East, we come from the West, we learn from each other, and that way is best. 我們來自東方,我們來自西方,互相學習,相得益彰.”

These words from their modest, but well-loved school song remind them on a daily basis that they are first and foremost a community of learners and that all learning at CIS is woven from cross-cultural and dual-language strands.

This was the vision put in place some thirty-five years ago by the three forward-looking women who founded CIS. In their vision, they continue to find the qualities of both stability and innovation that are the hallmarks of CIS.

Malvern College Hong Kong

Malvern College Hong Kong was awarded a greenfield site adjacent to the Hong Kong Science Park through a highly competitive allocation process. Malvern College Hong Kong opened its doors in August 2018 and will ultimately provide around 1200 places for both Primary and Secondary pupils.

Malvern College Hong Kong draws upon the rich heritage and ethos of Malvern College UK, a co-educational day and boarding school founded in 1865. Together with its associated preparatory school, The Downs Malvern, Malvern College provides high quality education for boys and girls aged 3 to 18 years.

Thanks to its academic rigour, scientific heritage and the pursuit of holistic education, Malvern College UK has acquired an enviable reputation for being one of the most established IB schools in the UK and comfortably surpasses the world average diploma results in all subject areas.

Kellett School

Kellett School’s dynamic learning community was founded over forty years ago as a Not-for-Profit Association, to provide a high-quality, British style education for the English speaking community in Hong Kong.

Kellett School has earned an enviable reputation as one of the finest international schools in Hong Kong, providing an outstanding education across our two campuses. From Reception through to Year 13, they aim to engender ‘a love of learning and confidence for life’ in all their students.

With their parent-led Board of Governors, as well as highly skilled teaching and administrative staff, they strive to provide their students with the best possible foundation to build their futures upon, in an environment that not only enables learning, but encourages it too.

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