Boarding & Secondary School Guidance Programme

As part of our standard provision for all pupils, we offer to guide our parents through the entire process of finding the most suitable secondary education opportunity for their children around the world.
Our programme is ideal for parents who are interested in gaining access to the top secondary schools in the UK and the USA for their children, whether that is at age 11+ years old or at age 13+ years old for families that would like their children to remain in Hong Kong for a little longer.


Led by our Headteacher and School Mentoring team of experts, our Boarding & Secondary School Guidance Programme is a step-by-step programme tailored for each individual pupil and family to:


  • Explore, investigate, and research potential secondary boarding schools around the world
  • Create a viable short-list of schools best suited to each pupil
  • Support and guide each pupil to prepare for entry to their specific chosen short-listed schools
  • Identify individual needs and provide additional academic preparation (e.g. foreign language studies) and skills training where needed
  • Prepare each pupil for the broader personal and social skills required to enjoy and succeed at their school of choice
  • Help each individual pupil and family prepare for boarding where required 
We are proud to share that during 2021 and 2022, confirmed 11+ and 13+ offers of places have been received from the following British Independent Schools:
(Alphabetical order) 
Badminton School 
Belmont School Mill Hill 
Benenden School 
Brockhurst School 
Bryanston School 
Caterham School 
Cheltenham College 
Cheltenham Ladies College 
City of London School for Girls 
Clifton College 
Fulham School
Harrodian School 
Lancing College 
Malvern St. James College 
Mayfield School 
Queen’s College London 
Radley School
Roedean School
Rugby School 
Sherborne Girls 
Woldingham School 
Wycombe Abbey School