Dec 7, 2022

Enriching Student Education through Giving at WASHK    

To instill a spirit of giving and to inspire students to give back to the communities they live in, Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong (WASHK) recently took part in a charity event organized by HSBC to build a limited-edition HSBC LEGO building composed of 2,400 pieces.

The charity event titled: “HSBC Building BIG Challenge – Belief, Inclusion & Generosity” aims to promote the concept of ‘giving back’ amongst young children while at the same time helping to raise awareness about mental wellbeing and childcare in the city.

Aside from the fact that WASHK and HSBC are well known brands in Hong Kong and in Britain, both organisations also share similar values. For this reason, the partnership only made sense.


Both organisations are world leaders in their field, both strive for excellence.

Both organisations value academic ability, a high level of technical competence and value people who demonstrate creativity, social intelligence and a vibrant can-on attitude, that is why we partnered on this charity event.

As part of the event’s mission to raise awareness about Autism amongst children, for every completed building, HK$500 was donated to the Autism Partnership Foundation (APF).

Autism Partnership Foundation

Established in 2007, APF supports the development of local children with autism by carrying out special school services to meet the learning needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In September, the charity established a new AP school to provide tailored teaching to help develop the social skills of those children with ASD. The hope is that this would give them the confidence and ability that would enable them to go back out into mainstream society. The event is significant as it helps to raise funds for these causes.

The lives of countless children diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) can be changed forever with quality behavioural intervention, but that intervention is out of reach for too many children and their families, according to the Foundation. For this reason, events like this can help to raise the profile for the foundation, while also helping people to understand what Autism is all about and how they can help.   

For the 40 students who represented WASHK to attend the event, it was also significant in that it taught these students that no matter the size of their contributions, they can also make a positive impact on society.