October 24, 2020

Extra-Curricular Activities at Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong are More Than Just Fun!

The all-round, holistic curriculum at Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong focuses on preparing our pupils to be confident, happy, responsible, and globally mobile.  Children of today need to learn to be expert lifelong learners as well as creative, collaborative problem solvers so they can flourish in their future lives and careers.

Time spent on extra-curricular activities (ECAs) complements the time allocated to focused academic study. ECAs also help individual pupils build their life skills outside of the classroom and develop a broader perspective of the World and their place in it.

ECAs at Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong run daily from 3pm-5pm during school term. A huge array of choices is made available to our pupils to explore and experience, striking a perfect balance with the curriculum and achieving the stated benefits of extra-curricular activities.  These activities range from Taekwondo and Wall Climbing to Ball Hockey, Basketball and Tennis, from Choir and Musical Theatre to as Science Clubs, ISTEAM and NASA Education etc.

These ECAs were launched as the school moved into its second week of full-day teaching. 

We include a few snapshots of some of our extra-curricular activities. Our pupils are clearly benefitting from acquiring new knowledge and skills whilst having lots of fun taking part in these activities!