Wycombe Abbey School

Wycombe Abbey was founded on the day of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, 23rd September 1896, by Miss Frances Dove, later Dame Frances, an educational trailblazer who promoted equal opportunities for girls in the Victorian age. Since then, Wycombe Abbey has become one of the leading independent boarding schools in the United Kingdom, consistently ranked number one for academic results at A-Level. The school prides itself on providing a learning environment where intellectual curiosity can flourish.


The school's reputation for academic rigour is well-established and results are consistently outstanding. The ethos is rooted in a simple principle that a holistic education, which incorporates a diverse co-curricular programme, will foster the skills required to succeed, including creativity, emotional intelligence, teamwork and leadership.
Wycombe Abbey has been at the forefront of British academic excellence for the last 120 years. Approximately one third of Wycombe Abbey's graduates receive offers of places at Oxford or Cambridge each year, with others going on to Russell Group universities in the United Kingdom and top universities in the USA such as Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Princeton and Stanford.


Whilst academic attainment is the hallmark of a Wycombe Abbey education, the school places a strong emphasis on a broad education and there is a strong commitment to other areas such as sports, music, the performing arts and entrepreneurship. Public speaking and debating are extremely popular, with Junior and Senior teams often winning external competitions. Leadership skills are developed to enable pupils to become active and responsible global citizens. Wycombe Abbey's international development marks an exciting new phase in the evolution of an exceptional school with a proud heritage and a bright future.
Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong

Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong open its doors on 5th September 2019. The school offers a quintessentially British prep school education for Year 1 to Year 8. Based on the well-established heritage and academic excellence of Wycombe Abbey School in England, the school provides a provenly successful holistic education which is complemented by a curriculum that combines the National Curriculum for England and Wales with an extensive Chinese language syllabus drawn from the Chinese National Curriculum. This dynamic combination prepares our pupils to excel in the finest secondary schools around the world.

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