Extra-Curricular Activities 

Our ECA activities enhance and build on children’s experiences and learning within the school. The activities will contribute to their intellectual, social, cultural and emotional growth. They will cater to a wide variety of needs and cultures within the school community and will be used to forge links with the wider community. Our expectation is that all pupils will become involved in some form of regular activity outside of school hours for their general health and well-being. 


ECA Programme

At the beginning of the year and at the end of term one, term two and term three, an ECA activity list of all proposed activities for the next term will be prepared and placed on the school newsletter and parent portal.

It will include:

-          Activity title and leader

-          Year range of pupils

-          Proposed term, day and duration, venue and cost of the activity

-          Activity requirements and expectations

Note that those activities published are proposed activities only. The school reserves the right to change or cancel activities where it sees fit. Information regarding changes is published on the school newsletter and parent portal.


All enrolments are on a “first come, first served” basis. However, where activities are over-subscribed, pupils may be offered another activity and will be given priority over students who already have an assigned ECA. No waiting lists are carried over.

If you choose to sign your child up for more than one ECA, preferences will NOT be accounted for. It will be presumed that your child is happy to do any of the ECAs.

Just registering for an ECA does not mean you/your child has been. Pupils who are accepted and enrolled in an ECA will receive an acceptance confirmation email.  Payment of a fee will be required upon acceptance.

As such, attendance once enrolled is compulsory. Pupils must notify the class teacher, General Office or ECA Coordinator if they are unable to attend an activity session.

Activities will only take place if there are enough participants to run the activity, an event may be cancelled due to lack of numbers.

The school reserves the right to refuse an application or exclude a participant if his/her presence has a negative effect on the activity.



Enrolment deadline

5pm ECA bus


Cancellation / Changes

Current students

As indicated in the online application form.

Optional, please register directly with Jolly Bus

Payment to respective vendor(s) directly

Must apply within 3 working days from the date of confirming enrolment.

Interim admission students

* Students who join in the middle of term will only be permitted to participate internal ECA.

** Students who enrol after the half-term break will not be eligible to participate in any ECAs for the remainder of that term

Must enrol within 3 working days from the date of receiving the invitation email

Optional, please register directly with Jolly Bus

Payment to respective vendor(s) directly

No cancellation or change is allowed once enrolment is confirmed.


Other Information

Pupils who do not exhibit appropriate behaviours in ECA will be asked to leave the class. Parents will be advised if a pupil is exhibiting inappropriate behaviour.

In the event of the cancellation of an activity, primary pupils will be contacted via their class teacher and automatically placed on school buses where appropriate. Primary pupils’ parents will be contacted to advise of an activity cancellation.

In the event of the cancellation of activities, makeup classes will not be arranged.

In the event of illness or injury, classes will not be made up.

Makeup classes, if any, will be scheduled in the final week of the school term.

If a coach/tutor is unable to take their activity due to an unforeseen circumstance, WASHK will attempt to make alternative arrangements.

Pupils who must wait for activities to commence must either sign up for Homework Club or another ECA directly before.

In some cases, to enhance pupil learning, the coach/tutor may request that parents are not present during classes. The coach/tutor’s discretion is final in such matters.

Pupils are not permitted to enter any of the extra-curricular activity areas unless their tutor is present.

Pupils cannot sign up to two Homework clubs in one day. They must select a different activity.

If you have registered for an ECA programme and payment has been made, you are allowed a one-week grace period to change your programme. Otherwise, no refund or changes will be made.