Our ambition is for Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong to become an internationally recognised centre for excellence in teaching and learning. Our teachers are carefully selected from among the finest education professionals around the World, impressive individuals who are specifically chosen to be inspirational role models for their pupils, each of them an enthusiastic and determined life-long learner. Passionate about the education of their pupils, they fully commit themselves to the academic and extra-curricular programmes of the school.

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Responsible for: All teaching, appropriate marking and record-keeping, assessing and reporting on pupil progress and effective contribution to school standards.

Reporting to: Headmaster


The purpose of this job description is to outline the main responsibilities of the Year 1 Class Teacher. It is not restrictive and includes any other reasonable requests that may arise


The year 1 class teacher is directly responsible to the Headmaster and other relevant staff be fully responsible for a year 1 class

  • Have a clear understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 curriculum.
  • Produce Short/Medium/Long Term teaching plans in accordance with Wycombe Abbey guidelines, ensuring relevant deadlines are met;
  • Liaise with relevant Heads of Departments and Class Teachers regarding cross-curricular subject matter;
  • Ensure that lessons are well prepared, efficiently resourced and appropriate to the ability level of the pupils in question;
  • Teach pupils of all abilities with commitment, enthusiasm and to a high standard of competence;
  • Liaise with colleagues on all matters of common concern regarding pupils and the curriculum;
  • Follow the schools SEN policy;
  • Liaise with the schools SENCo to plan IEPS as appropriate;
  • Attend courses to keep self and staff informed of further developments;
  • Attend all staff meetings and training days as required;
  • To ensure that the classroom is an attractive, organised and stimulating working environment with relevant and regularly changed displays;
  • To attend meetings and other activities both within and out of school which provide opportunities both for the exchange of views and other areas of professional development;
  • Attend assemblies/services as directed by the Headmaster;
  • To keep up to date with school policy documents;
  • Attend parents’ evenings and staff meetings;
  • Ensure individual reports are written for each child in accordance with Wycombe Abbey School guidelines, ensuring relevant deadlines are met.


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