September 22, 2023

Imaginarium Exhibition by Wycombe Abbey Schools


We are delighted to invite you to the 2023 Imaginarium Exhibition, which will showcase remarkable artwork by students from all 5 Wycombe Abbey schools. This online exhibition showcases the artistic talent of our WAS students and provides a platform for them to express their creativity and imagination.

“We have selected 6 outstanding artworks from each school to take part in "The Best Of" competition. You are invited to vote for your favourite artwork (link below), to support our talented students and recognise their hard work and dedication.”

The Best Of:

The Best of the Imaginarium Exhibitions (Your chance to VOTE for a winner):

Vote for your favourite artwork by 10 July at the link:

Visit the exhibitions of WAS schools, and join us in celebrating the creativity and imagination of our students:

WAS Hong Kong exhibition:

2023 "The Artful Eye" Imaginarium by Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong:

WA UK exhibitions:

2023 Imaginarium by Wycombe Abbey UK, Y7-Y10:

2023 Imaginarium by Wycombe Abbey UK, Y11-Y13:

WAS Hangzhou exhibitions:
2023 Imaginarium by WAS Hangzhou KG-G5

2023 Imaginarium by WAS Hangzhou G6-G12

WAS Changzhou exhibition: 

2023 Imaginarium by WAS Changzhou Y7-Y13: 

WAS Nanjing exhibition:

2023 Imaginarium by WAS Nanjing Y2-Y11: