July 15, 2019

Headmaster’s News | 15 July 2019 

I am delighted to be able to report that as our building nears completion in Tin Wan Street, the external netting and scaffolding have now all been removed. The new brick-tile cladding looks very smart and sets off the two large Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong logos.

We are receiving an ever-increasing number of applications across the age-range and conducting assessments, offers of places are being sent out to families within three working days of the assessment. I am delighted that so many parents are reporting that the assessment sessions are found to be enjoyable and positive experiences, both for themselves and their children.

Our regular ‘Explore’ meetings for prospective families are being held up to six times a week at our offices in Prosperity Tower in Queen’s Road, Central. I would encourage anyone who is interested in Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong to join us at one of these sessions. They are usually held at 9.00am or in the early evening throughout the week. Details of the Explore meetings are easily available by contacting our Admissions team via our website. Parents who attend the Explore sessions report finding the meetings to be very informative and we are enjoying discussing our approach and how Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong assists parents to make the optimum choices for their child’s onward senior school career, wherever in the World that may be.

Our Deputy Head, Ms. Jenny Chen joined us on 1stJuly and all other members of staff will be joining the team during the early weeks of August. I am constantly in touch with all members of Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong staff, across the World. We are all very excited about starting work to prepare our new campus in Tin Wan for our pupils in September.

Over the last few months we have been holding detailed discussions with some of the best furniture makers and school suppliers; we are delighted with the range and designs that we have finally selected. Our furniture is being constructed and shipped from as far afield as the USA, UK and New Zealand. The first shipments of thousands of books for our new library are also on their way to us by sea. The books are all electronically cataloged in their packing cases and this should make it easy to unpack them when they arrive. To furnish our Atrium, we have bought a grand piano and also a number of electronic pianos for our new music department.

We have completed all the design details of our new Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong uniform. Uniform production is now underway and we have already sent out Pre-order Forms to our new parents in the Welcome News-sheet.

Finally, for any inquiries about the school and availability of spaces, do get in touch via our website. We will be delighted to assist you.

Howard Tuckett

Founding Headmaster

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