November 19, 2020

ISTEAM classes at Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong stand ahead of the rest 

In case you are not too familiar with ISTEAM, this acronym stands for Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.  ISTEAM is an innovative educational approach that combines perspectives of different disciplines to inform a major project which reflects the developmental needs of individual learners and the society to which they belong.

ISTEAM at Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong is one of fourteen structured primary subjects offered by the School.  Pupils at each grade level have regular lessons three times a week, of which one is dedicated to coding and the other two are for ISTEAM. 

Mr Shahzada Janjua is the Head of ISTEAM at Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong. Coming from an engineering and physics background, Mr Janjua has been teaching in the UK for over 20 years. He was employed as a STEAM/Science teacher in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia before taking up the exciting position as one of the founding staff members of the Hong Kong School.   

The curriculum for each grade level is designed in a way whereby pupils learn about algorithms and programming with blocks, followed by text programming at Years 5 and 6.  In ISTEAM, activities range from building bridges, creating technologies, such as constructing walking machines, Robotics, Physical computing and drone flight. ISTEAM is taught through nine different themes that have been contextualised for Hong Kong. The ISTEAM classrooms at Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including 3D printers, Laser cutters, BlueBots, InoBots, Wedo Lego Robotics, EV3 Robot Kits, Raspberry Pi 4, BBC Microbit, and a Drone-Racing Room.  Pupils can get hands-on experience flying a drone or using robots in design, building, programming, and developing algorithmic thinking.  

“Each pupil has the opportunity to learn future ready and transferrable ISTEAM skills. Through these lessons, pupils develop into confident, creative, critical thinkers,” said Mr Janjua. 

Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong’s students are also given the opportunity to increase their exposure in the ISTEAM world. “Our Year 5 students will be joining the Underwater Robot Competition with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 2021 next year. We are really looking forward to that challenge,” said Mr Janjua.

When asked how Mr Janjua keeps himself updated on all the development in the ISTEAM world, he replied that he keeps up to date with all current articles in print as well as on social media.  Proudly, he is also awarded an MIEE (Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert) in 2020.

With an aim to have the best ISTEAM programme in Hong Kong, Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong is certainly moving one step ahead!