May 21, 2020

Wycombe Abbey Reopens on 20th May to Full– Day Teaching 

Dear Parents

I am delighted to report that at Wycombe Abbey we have received approval from the EDB to re-open our school ahead of many other schools and that in addition we are able to operate for whole school days.

Our first pupils in Years Four and Five arrived back at school at 7:30am on Wednesday 20 May after exactly four months absence. It is hard to know who was more excited, the pupils or the teachers!

After an assembly that saw our pupils all safely spaced out in our large sunlit atrium, it was straight into classes and the day got underway, spot on time. The school day ran its busy course right through until 3.00pm.

On Monday 25 May, we look forward to welcoming our Year Three, Two and One pupils back to school. I know they are all very excited to be joining their older classmates.

Now that we are all ready to get back to normal school life, we are ready to launch our House system.

In our brand-new school, we are starting with two Houses, Peak House and Harbour House, to reflect our Hong Kong location. House Banners will be unfurled in the Atrium for the first time and House Badges will be distributed to pupils to wear on their uniforms. 

Best Wishes

Howard Tuckett