Our Bespoke Curriculum

The Wycombe Abbey School curriculum has been specifically designed to provide primary age children with an approach to teaching and learning that combines all that is best in the British and Hong Kong primary education systems, ensuring that they are ideally prepared for the next steps in their lives and schooling. All our pupils enjoy an outstanding primary school experience during the years that they are with us at Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong.

In recognition of the extraordinary city which is their home, our curriculum reflects the cultural, linguistic, geographical and historical significance of Hong Kong, China and the wider region. We aim to ensure that our pupils have a firm grounding in the Chinese language and culture, while developing total fluency in English and accessing a curriculum which is built around the core components of the internationally renowned National Curriculum for England.

Chinese is taught as a discrete subject in every year group, with the same number of lessons allocated to Chinese, English and Maths each week. Putonghua is the medium of instruction for all Chinese lessons and our pupils are taught primarily to read and write simplified characters, with exposure to traditional characters through lessons in calligraphy, voluntary supplementary reading lessons and a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Learning Outcomes

Wycombe Abbey School is focused on preparing children to be confident, happy, responsible, highly skilled and globally mobile. More than ever before, the children of today need to learn to be expert lifelong learners and creative, collaborative problem solvers in order to flourish in their future lives and careers. 

Hong Kong primary education

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