Annual Tuition Fees
Our annual tuition fees for the 2021-2022 Academic Year are:

Year GroupAge of ChildAnnual Tuition Fee (HK$)
Years 1 to 55+ to 9+HK $188,000
Year 610+HK $198,000
Year 7 & 8 11+HK $198,000
*No Capital Levy for 2021-2022 Academic Year
*Books, teaching, and art materials are included in school fees. The cost of class trips, school bus fees, lunch fees, and extra-curricular activities are excluded.

Rules and Procedures

  1. In order to confirm a place for a new pupil, a non- refundable, non-transferrable advance payment of HK $18,800/$19,800 for tuition fees is required. It will be offset from the first month’s tuition fee attended by the pupil.
  2. Tuition fee invoices are emailed to Parents on or before the 23rd of each month. Tuition fees must be settled by the 10th day of the following month.
  3. Payment must be made before the due date. In cases of late or partial payment, interest will be charged on the outstanding amount.
  4. For pupils joining the school in the middle of the month, the tuition fees will be calculated pro-rata for the number of calendar days of that month.

Annual Capital Levy

The Annual Capital Levy is anticipated to be HK$35,000 per annum, payable to WA Education Group Limited.

No Capital Levy for Year 7 & 8. This is only applicable for the 2021-2022 Academic Year.

Nomination Rights Scheme

Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong (the “School”) is a private primary school that receives no regular funding or grants from the Government of Hong Kong. In order to meet the capital expenditure for the long-term maintenance and continued improvement of the School, WA Education Group Limited (the “Issuer”) may from time to time issue Nomination Rights upon such Terms & Conditions as determined by the Issuer.

There are two kinds of Nomination Rights:

Corporate Nomination Right (CNR)

  • A CNR is issued to a company incorporated in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) or such other jurisdiction as may be acceptable to the Issuer.
  • No CNR may be transferred prior to the completion of one year after the date of issuance of the CNR.
  • The registered holder of a CNR may nominate a child of its director or employee to the School at any one time to any year of the School, but such nomination does not guarantee the admission of the nominated child to the School.

Individual Nomination Right (INR)

  • An INR is issued to an individual.
  • No INR may be transferred prior to the completion of one year after the date of issuance of the INR.
  • A registered holder of an INR may nominate a child to the School at any one time to any year of the School, but such nomination does not guarantee the admission of the nominated child to the School.

The Issuer is now issuing a total of 40 Nomination Rights (include both CNRs and INRs). The Issuer may at any time, without prior notice, issue further Nomination Rights, notes, or other instruments of similar or other nature with such rights as may be determined by the Issuer and upon such Terms & Conditions as the Issuer may, at its absolute discretion, think fit.

A child does not need to be nominated under a Nomination Right in order to apply for admission to the School. However, a child nominated under a Nomination Right will receive priority in accordance with the School’s admission policy which may be changed from time to time.

The following is the current priority order for the admission of applicants to the School.

Please note that all applicants are required to satisfy the School’s admission criteria. The Nomination Rights (whether corporate or individual) do not guarantee the admission of applicants.

Priority numberType of Applicants
1Nominated children under Corporate Nomination Rights
2Nominated children under Individual Nomination Rights
3Siblings of current students who are nominated under either Corporate or Individual Rights
4Siblings of current students already enrolled at the school who are not nominated under Individual Rights
5Other applicants

A Nomination Right may only be transferred with the prior approval of the Issuer and in accordance with the terms set out in the Nomination Right Terms & Conditions, subject to the payment of a transfer fee and administrative fee.

School Fees and Capital Levy

The child nominated under Nomination Right will be required to pay all normal school fees and charges payable in respect of any student attending the School, save that the child nominated under Nomination Right is exempted from paying the Capital Levy.

To apply for a Nomination Right please contact us at nr@was.edu.hk for the Terms & Conditions and application form. All completed documents are to be sent with the supporting documentation to Wycombe Abbey School Admissions, 17 Tin Wan Street, Aberdeen, Hong Kong.

Important Note and Disclaimer: The information above is for reference only and does not serve as a comprehensive and complete guide. All Nomination Rights will be subject to the Terms & Conditions contained in the relevant formal documents, but not strictly according to the information. Parents and interested parties are advised to refer to all the Terms & Conditions of the Nomination Rights which can be found in the Application Form.

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