June 21, 2022

Inter-House Drone Quidditch at WASHK
We have all seen Hogwarts pupils on flying broomsticks, striking bludgers through hoops and trying to catch the Golden Snitch in the Harry Potter films. At Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong, we let our imagination take flight!

Through racing drones, our pupils magically tracing their trajectories with 3D printed magic wands, inspiring aircraft flight magic and aerodynamics; competing vigorously, of course, in our four houses - Dragon, Phoenix, Lion and Gryphon.

Our quidditch involved three rounds per class (Years 1-8), in which, every house played against each other and then competed in the final round. The iSTEAM room had two lanes facing opposite, each with a course involving two hoops and a flag.

Pupils had to skillfully fly the drones using the controls in the TELLO EDU app on their iPads. The drones took-off simultaneously, navigating safely through the hoops, mitigating the flag, and landing safely on the ground within sixty seconds.

Our pupils showed true competitive spirit. They not only dressed up for the occasion in traditional Harry Potter costumes, but also fought like a Lion, breathed fire like a Dragon, rose like a Phoenix and showed the bravery of a Gryphon.

While flying the drones in their houses, our students showed unity in togetherness, supporting each other and showing grit, resilience and determination. All of the students had great fun during the competition!

Well done to all houses for giving us so much inspiration and joy.