August 2, 2022

Fantastic Summer at WASHK  

Since the beginning of July, our campus has been filled with excitement from the children attending our summer camps.

Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong is proud to work with its partners to host three different summer camps. Children of all ages participate in various camp activities, ranging from sports, STEAM, artificial intelligence and everything in between, and offering children the chance to explore their passions outside the classroom.


Camp Beaumont

The summer kicked off with Camp Beaumont and Big Bang Academy at Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong. 

Camp Beaumont has been successfully operating in the UK for over 40 years and has won numerous awards. The summer camp programme at WASHK offers children an exciting, educational experience, while providing busy Hong Kong parents with a solution for quality and affordable childcare during school holidays. 

Camp Beaumont is known for inspiring children to step out of their comfort zone and reach their full potential through exciting experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

The Camp Beaumont summer camp programme at WASHK is a full-day, week-long camp with lots of creative, sporting and adventurous activities, as well as theme days and special events - there are over 40 activities to choose from! Campers participate in many camp activities including Junior Yoga, Mini Golf Challenge, Bee Bot Coding, Mini Beast Safari and the Beaumont's Got Talent Show!

Other activities include Cricket, Lego Coding, Badminton, Sustainability Games and Super Engineering. Campers also have the opportunity to go on an outdoor excursion as part of the camp's green initiative.

Camp Beaumont summer camp runs until 26 August from 9am to 3pm daily, Monday to Friday.

Click the link to register for Camp Beaumont (Please copy and paste the link into a browser)


Big Bang Academy

The second summer camp is run by Big Bang Academy. Big Bang Academy is an accredited science EdTech start-up founded in 2020. They started with a small workshop of 15 students and a dream. Since then, Big Bang has grown to more than 3,000 students, both in the classroom and on their own online education platform, Big Bang Lab. 

Big Bang's mission is to make learning as engaging as a movie, as fun as a theme park and as educational as a classroom.

Campers can immerse themselves in the world of science and engage with a range of exciting science topics, not found in the classroom. Campers can also participate in group work that builds their confidence and sparks their curiosity.

Big Bang Academy's summer camp runs two sessions (morning and afternoon) from Monday to Friday, for children aged 6 to 9. 

Each week the theme of the camp changes, from "Galactic Conquest" to "Eco Explorer" and "Chemistry Wizard Academy". The children are guided by highly qualified and friendly leaders to become active themselves within an ‘iSTEAM’ environment. The summer camp runs until 29 July.


AI Farming Summer Programme

In the second week of July, WASHK partnered with Consilium Education to host the third summer camp launching an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Farming Summer Programme. 

It is a bespoke two-day AI farming programme that runs until 31 July. With ICT Award-winning technology, children can learn about Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and how to use cutting-edge technology to solve the future global food crisis, and experience growing food in the classroom.

Many of the camp activities are new to many of the campers. When children are encouraged to try new things and push their personal boundaries, they learn to overcome challenges as they become more confident and aware of their potential for success.

It is very important that children stay active and engaged during the school holidays. Not only do they have the opportunity to push their limits and try new activities, but summer camps also give children the chance to meet new people and make new friends, as many activities are about solving problems through good communication and teamwork.