Academic and Extra-Curricular Enrichment

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The academic and extra-curricular development of our primary aged children depends to a great extent on us allowing them to explore, choose and experience as many activities, skills and challenges as possible. Wycombe Abbey School is focused on preparing children to be confident, happy, responsible, highly skilled and globally mobile. More than ever before, the children of today need to learn to be expert lifelong learners and creative, collaborative problem solvers in order to flourish in their future lives and careers.

Young children are natural enthusiasts. They want to try everything! That’s fine with us. We are committed to providing a very broad and varied programme of experiences and extra-curricular activities for every child. Our school day runs from 8.00am to 3.00pm with 9 lessons in the day. Children are encouraged to stay on for our extra-curricular enrichment program which is available from 3.00pm to 5.00pm. The school has a mandatory school bus policy, so children are able to arrive and leave by school bus.

Over the years they spend at the school, our pupils have the opportunity to experience an inspiring choice of different extra-curricular activities, from individual sports such as Swimming, Taekwondo and Wall Climbing to team sports such as Ball Hockey, Basketball and Tennis. There are opportunities for extra Art, Chinese Calligraphy and Culture, Music, Classical Ballet and Musical Theatre aswell as Science Clubs and NASA Education. Extra English and Chinese classes are provided by invitation.

Our pupils develop ambition and resilience and, through the breadth of experiences they enjoy in our extra-curricular programme, they develop into confident, well-balanced and happy young people, ready to embrace the challenges of top-flight secondary education wherever in the World they may go.

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Monday Senior BadmintonY3-63:00-3:50pm
Monday Junior BadmintonY1-24:00-4:50pm
Monday  Garden CraftY1-63:00-3:50pm
Monday  Lego Model BuildingY1-63:00-3:50pm
Monday Dance Classical BalletY1-63:00-3:50pm
Monday  Senior iSteam Y3-63:00-3:50pm
Monday  English LanguageY1,2,5,63:00-3:50pm
Monday  The Chess AcademyY1-64:00-4:50pm
Monday Junior Young Authors (Creative Writing)Y2-33:00-3:50pm
Monday Senior Young Authors (Creative Writing)Y4-64:00-4:50pm
Monday  Senior Turbo TouchY4-64:00-4:50pm
Monday  Dance Hip HopY1-64:00-4:50pm
Tuesday  Junior FootballY1-33:00-3:50pm
Tuesday  Snag GolfY1-63:00-3:50pm
Tuesday  Computer Skills ClubY1-63:00-3:50pm
Tuesday  Science AdventuresY1-63:00-3:50pm
Tuesday  RoboCodeY1-64:00-4:50pm
Tuesday  Junior Art ClubY1-23:00-3:50pm
Tuesday  Senior Art ClubY3-64:00-4:50pm
Tuesday  Senior FootballY4-64:00-4:50pm
Tuesday  Senior NetballY4-64:00-4:50pm
Tuesday Irish DanceY2-63:00-3:50pm
Wednesday  Junior ChoirY1-33:00-3:50pm
Wednesday  Junior BasketballY1-23:00-3:50pm
Wednesday  Senior BasketballY3-64:00-4:50pm
Wednesday  Floor HockeyY1-63:00-3:50pm
Wednesday  TaekwondoY1-63:00-3:50pm
Wednesday  Junior Science Inventors Y1-23:00-3:50pm
Wednesday  Senior Science Inventors Y3-64:00-4:50pm
Wednesday  Mission RunwayY1-63:00-3:50pm
Wednesday  Common CoreY5-63:00-3:50pm
Wednesday  African DrummingY1-64:00-4:50pm
Wednesday  Wing ChunY3-64:00-4:50pm
Thursday  Senior ChoirY4-63:00-3:50pm
Thursday  Junior iSteamY1-23:00-3:50pm
Thursday  Ultimate FrisbeeY5-63:00-3:50pm
Thursday  NASA EducationY1-63:00-3:50pm
Thursday  TennisY1-63:00-3:50pm
Thursday  Junior GymnasticsY1-23:00-3:50pm
Thursday  Senior GymnasticsY3-64:00-4:50pm
Thursday  Drama FestivalY3-63:00-3:50pm
Thursday  HarpY1-63:00-3:50pm
Thursday  HarpY1-64:00-4:50pm
Thursday  Brazilian Jiu JitsuY1-64:00-4:50pm
Thursday Stormy ChefY1-64:00-4:50pm
Friday English Language Y3-43:00-3:50pm
Friday Public SpeakingY1-63:00-3:50pm
Friday Senior Wall ClimbingY3-63:00-3:50pm
Friday Junior Wall ClimbingY1-24:00-4:50pm
Friday Chinese LanguageY1-63:00-3:50pm
Friday Junior Skateboarding/Inline SkatingY1-23:00-3:50pm
Friday Senior Skateboarding/Inline SkatingY3-64:00-4:50pm
Friday Junior CricketY1-23:00-3:50pm
Friday Senior CricketY3-64:00-4:50pm
Friday Musical TheatreY1-64:00-4:50pm

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