Supply Teacher

Supply Teacher provides backup teaching services when full-time teachers are unable to work.  He/She executes lesson plans left by the absent teacher or are required to create classroom lessons on their own.  He/She creates and maintains a respectful and fair classroom culture that fosters safe and productive learning; monitors, observes, and reports student behavior according to school policies and procedures.

Job Responsibilities

  • Follow regular teacher’s lesson plans in a way that ensures consistency and optimal learning, and that encourages students to participate
  • Assign classwork and homework as necessary, according to lesson plans
  • Modify teaching styles to fit the learning styles of various students
  • Maintain a well-managed classroom and positive learning environment
  • Supervise students out of class such as in the hallways and in the cafeteria
  • Create lesson plans, mark classwork, homework and tests


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Strong command of English language
  • Flexible, friendly and good at establishing quick rapport with students
  • Setting the proper tone from the beginning for classroom management

Pay rate

HK$1.5K – 2K per day depends on experience

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